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NF EN 196-1

Cet équipement permet la conservation d’éprouvettes mortier prismatiques 40*40*160mm immergées verticalement dans 3 bains séparés avec eau régulée à 20°C.



Caractéristiques techniques

1 Robust steel frame with 3 separate storage tanks
3 storage tanks with totally separated water in stainless steel 316L (Dimensions 500*675*200 mm)
Storage capacity per tank: 114 mortar samples immersed vertically in water
Unitary separation of the test tubes (opening 50mm) by removable openwork grids
Drain located under each tank
Safety overflow evacuation by pipe for each tank
3 thermostatically controlled hot/cold units to regulate the water temperature in a closed circuit at 20 +/-1°C
Adjustment and indication of the water temperature with a resolution of 0.1°C
3 circulation pumps with coil exchanger for water temperature homogenization
Operating conditions: room temperature 20+/- 5°C
Power supply: 240 VAC/ 50 Hz
Power: 3300 W max.
Dimensions : 170 x 80 x 110 cm
Note : The thermostatic groups use ecological gas R290

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